I'm driving through the nightI'm driving through the rainthe engine roars I'M on myway from Mr. Painmy eyes keep seeing whatmy mind wants to forgetthose sequenses theyrock nґ roll inside my heardover and over and over againI concentrate harder and harder and thenyou are just an image( that I can't see )you are not for realyou turn into a picture of somebodysomeone I don't knowsomeone I don't feel( ... just an ... )The wolves cry out tonight,I see your broken linethe Sun Will Rise withouta love without a smileI always think aboutthe way you had to leaveI clos my eyescause I was with youby that timefaster an faster and faster-aheadas if you were waitingfor me down the wayI have never seen youlying on a floorcrying needing more(... just an ... )