Watch me go switch it up Watch me don’t give a fuck
Bitch you don’t even know
What i been whipping up Damn y’all need to listen up Damn i need that money
It ain’t coming quick enough
Damn jake told me that rich
Ain’t rich enough
Damn i need to pick it up Damn
Bad bitches tryna
Come strip for us Damn i told that bitch
You really think i give a fuck
No we did this all on our own
We did this shit all from home
Damn im bout to get in my zone
I told em id do it they said i won’t
Fuck the shit they say fuck everything they say
We did it our way the hard way
Forever and always
The world coming our way
Its just a matter of time
I know I’ve been on my grind
I know one day ima shine
The world’ll be mine
But i don’t got the time
Shits been on my mind
I don’t got the time
Fuck it ill be fine
I guess cause i rap that i gotta be cocky
We been with the hits bitch i feel like im rocky
Once i get dough ain’t no way you can stop me Once i get dough ima come back with a mil i don’t fuck with no thottys
Gotta leave em all behind me Pray to god that they don’t find me These bitches really tryna bribe me Labels really tryna sign me The come up is real as a bitch
It was so hard not to quit
I can’t wait to stunt on these hoes
I can’t wait to sell out these shows
I need a milli for each of my bros
We’ve been through shit that ain’t nobody knows
There was so many lows
But thats just how it goes
Shopping the market to get a new crib
One bed apartment thats just how we live
EBT card putting food in the fridge
I thought wed make it way sooner than this
Cause i don’t got the time
All i see is dollar signs
I got so much on my mind
And i can’t sit around and wait
If i don’t get it now ill be to late
I’m thinking bout it every day
I don’t got no time to wait
Don’t got no time
I’ve got so much on my mind
But fuck it ill be fine
Take it one day at a time
But fuck the shit they say
Fuck everything they say
We did it our way
Forever and always
Its just a matter of time yeah
I know I’ve been on my grind yeah
I know one day ima shine
I know the world’ll be mine
But i don’t got the time
Shits been on my mind
I don’t got the time
Fuck it ill be fine
I’m losing my mind
Running out of time
Fuck it ill be fine
One day at a time
Running out of time