When I was younger, I drank coffee to act grown up.
I'm older now, and I know that coffee sucks.
I don't want the sell out future the others are so quick to accept.
As time goes, so does my friends, and I wonder, who will be the next to forget.
Try to remember.
It's not just some phase that I'll give up or grow out of.
Caught in a rut of kids stuff? Maybe not.
I'm just doing what I love.
Yes, I fear the unknown, but I can't settle for what's already been done.
Try to remember what we're afraid of.
Afraid of never being somebody.
Afraid of losing our security.
Afraid of being lonely.
But what's the price? Our dreams.
Afraid of never relating to the outside.
Afraid of being the loser that the others left behind.
Afraid of never amounting to something but it's a whole lot of nothing you'll find.
I try to remember what I got.
Peace of mind.