Tryna hit two man do that one time call that deuce
My man picked up his legs dragged back his friend try get boost
Been over there bait bait get chased like duck duck goose
Anything 8 get bun run same for the Bside yutes
They know what we do
They know what we do gun lean in your bitch and splash up your bruce
I'm stepping with Twin stepping with Kremz we're coming for you
Doing up slang ying and that yang maximum prof
Thank God for the cats seen hella racks phone banging off
Holy moly pending pack who? Could it be run down who could never me
Tweet real life they just skeet neeks I back it like B B
Shh shh she love jeet jeet, respirate make him leak leak
M Splash my team b, run me down I'm like how?
Back the dots you hear bow, love chat my name for some clout
Soon push the mash in your mouth...
Gun lean man gun lean, buck me they run and scream
M splash I love my team, bang bang and still make p's

Step on opps, she don't get man, she say we're better than them man
Hardy Boyz; Matt and Jeff, Taze and Russ like Method and Redman
Facts, I don't hear no chat so tell a opp boy don't lack
Don't bring no one are you mad?
Run up, stick my whoosh through your dad or uncle b, this gon' sting way more than a bumblebee
You just entered the jungle b, talk with your chest don't mumble g
Wagwarn, what's goody? Run up, skin out back through hoodie
Went with toys, Buzz and Woody, spot an opp boy he running like boogie
Running like bogey, must have a cold or something
He backed his tool I couldn't explain his running more time no scruffing but he weren't low
I had to fuck up my cousin yes, I don't chat to him it's not bless
I don't want to hear bout love is stress, whoosh try run up and get bent
Push his friends when he went he said suck your mum and then jet
Look bumbaclaart I'm so vexed, let me show you why life complex
He's on the net like it's blessed yes, they can never tell me bout mess
How many men been stretched? How many men left stressed?
Ain't that fucking ments?